Q.   What is a McKenzie Friend…?
A.  A McKenzie Friend can best be described as anyone who accompanies you to court to help you as a Litigant in Person – those who are unrepresented by a Solicitor or engage a barrister. Your McKenzie Friend is able to sit with you in the court and offer advice and support as well as taking notes to help you.

Q.  …. but I want someone to speak on my behalf
A.    We understand this dilemma and whilst this might seem a problem it really is not, if you are a Limited Company or Partnership we can act directly on your behalf including having rights of audience if we are appointed as an officer of the company, normally as Company Secretary. 

Q.  ….I not a Limited Company, what then…?
A.   In that case we can provide traditional McKenzie Friends services, or act on your behalf preparing instructions for a Qualified Barrister or Solicitor to attend Court together with ourselves, if relevant. 

Q.  … Do you work with a nominated Solicitor or Barrister..?
A.   We do not retain a solicitor practice although our team includes a qualified solicitor and barrister.   We do retain the services of an Independent Barrister who specialises in SME Company Law.

Q.   I’ve read that McKenzie Friends handle Family Matters, do you..?
A.   No except in the most exceptional circumstances, one of our team was a Senior Social Worker and still maintains links to specialists in this area.  We are Corporate or Company McKenzie Friends and do not provide Family or Criminal Court assistance unless it is closely related to our commercial work for you, for example, confirming future projections of financial solvency.

Q. Are you Regulated, do you have Professional Insurance..?
A. Yes to both.  Conduct in Court is regulated by the Courts and we comply with this guidance notePlease note: where we act as an Officer of a Company we are the Litigant in Person.

We hold Professional Indemnity Insurance issued in the UK with cover up to £250,000 in any one case.

Q.  Is my date held safely…?
A. Yes.   We comply with the GDPR regulations, are registered with the UK Information Commissioners’ Office [Regn. No. ZA544502] and have published our privacy and cookies policies.